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Digital marketing course in Surat

Updated: Feb 27

This is your chance to prepare for the skill in demand, and an industry that will be booming in the near future, which is Digital marketing. With the increasing startup cult, people are more into making their company a brand and searching for E-commerce executives, here the demand for digital marketing comes under play.

Digital marketing courses are also in high demand in today’s time, people are even earning by teaching digital marketing. Digital marketing in simple terms bridges the gap between a company and its potential customers, to make them aware of the products or services offered by a company. The demand for Digital Marketing Course in Surat is also soaring high and that's why we are here to help you.

Usually, job titles that are available for digital marketing are digital marketer, SEO executive, social media manager, E-commerce associate, content writer, copywriter and many more, and with our digital marketing course we will prepare you to land at least entry-level jobs.

In our digital marketing course in Surat, you will be taught about tools like Canva, poster my wall, render forest, and you will be informed about various extensions and their usage to make your work more convenient.

Digital marketing is such work that can be done even from home. Women who are homemakers can also do this. Students can even work as a freelancer and can manage their digital marketing work alongside their school.

About Satvbiz Digital Marketing Academy

Satvbiz is a Digital Marketing Academy, we provide digital marketing courses in Surat and we have groomed more than 700+ students. We are delighted to say that our students are placed in companies like­­ Ajmera fashion, gemonediamond, jullaaha and many more. Our Digital Marketing Academy is based in Surat.

Our digital Marketing Course in Surat is a certified course and along with that you will be given personal guidance with our mentors, who holds a great experience of 7+ years in this Digital Marketing. Our mentor has been associated with our digital marketing course in Surat for the last 5 years. We have even helped students to land their jobs and some of our digital marketing students are having their own digital marketing agency.

About the founder of the company

The founder and CEO of our Digital Marketing Academy in Surat is Mr. Jaydeep Parmar who is also a founder of Aapka Digital Partner, Satvbiz Digital Marketing Academy, DIGITALGRADUATE.IN, and INDIAREPORT24.IN.

Mr Jaydeep Parmar is also a digital marketing course in Surat trainer, blogger, and also a youtuber, with holding an experience of more than 5+ years, and a piece of strong knowledge about Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), Email Marketing.

He has worked as a sales executive in company like Eureka Forbes for more than 2+ years, he also worked as a copywriter; He also holds an experience as a financial advisor in India’s largest insurance company i.e., LIC.

As a digital marketer he believes that digital marketing is all about practice, the more you practice it, the better you master it.

About Satvbiz Digital Marketing Course in Surat

This course curriculum takes you from the Basic to Advanced level. This digital marketing course involves designing, local-global SEO to global SEO, website designing (WIX, WordPress, & shopify), Email Advanced marketingAdvanced marketing,, Social Media Management, google AdWords advanced, google search console, Bing webmaster, Yandex webmaster, Analytics, tag manager, freelancing course and many more perks.

This Advanced Digital Marketing module covers all the implementation methods and strategizing the campaigns to build them from the scratch. You become a Digital Marketing Professional at this level of the course. The duration of our digital marketing course in Surat is of 4 months.

Course modules are listed here

1. Digital Marketing Overview

• What is Digital Marketing

• Digital marketing platforms

• Importance &Benefits of Digital Marketing • How Digital Marketing works

• Career opportunities in Digital Marketing

2. Graphic Design

• Adobe Photoshop

• Canva

• Crello

• Pablo.buffer • Spark Adobe

• PicMonkey

• (Photo Editor)

• PosterMywall & Many more

3. Video Editing

• Filmora

• Biteable

• Typito

• Roketiume

• Windows movie maker

• Whiteboard Animation

• Render forest & Many more

04. Local SEO

• What is local SEO and its meaning?

•How to create Google Business Profile Manager

• Name, Address & Phone number (Citations) • Customization of Google maps

• Reviews

•How to rank in Google

05. Web Designing (WIX, WordPress & Shopify) + 1-year free hosting

• Website Overview

• Website Creation Methods

• Domain Management

• Hosting Management

•Established Connection between Domain and Hosting

• How to create Landing page

• Website Creation with WordPress

• Website Creation With WIX

• E-Commerce Website Creation with WIX

• E-Commerce Website Creation with Shopify

• E-Commerce Website Creation with WordPress

• Blog Website Creation with WordPress/WIX

06. Advance SEO

SEO For Beginners: An Introduction to SEO Basics • What is SEO?

• Introduction to SERP

• What are search engines?

• How search engines work

• Major functions of a search engine

• What are keywords?

• Different types of keywords

• Google keyword planner tool

• Keywords research process

• Understanding keywords mix

• Long Tail Keywords

• Google Search Tips & Hacks

• Schema Data / Rich snippet


• Sub domains

• Search inside

• E-commerce SEO

• Blog integration

• Competitor Analysis

• Mobile Optimization

• How to optimize the website for mobile/tab?

• Page Speed Responsive

• Navigation


• Rank report • Audit Report

A. ON Page Optimization

• What is on page SEO?

• Keyword Density Checking

• Meta Tag Optimization

• Google Penalty Resolution

• Website Analysis

• Content Creation & Optimization

• Heading Tag Optimization

• URL Optimization

• Title Tags Optimization

• Image Optimization

• Breadcrumbs

• SEO plugin for WordPress

• Internal linking

• External linking

B.OFF Page Optimization

• Backlinks

• Domain Authority

• Page Authority

• Link Juice

• Search Engine Submission

• Blog Creation and Optimization

• Link Building

• Social Bookmarking

• Link Baiting

• Link Exchange

• Forums

• Image Sharing

• Video Sharing

• Business Listing (Local Listing)

• Press Release

• Questions and Answers

• Document Sharing

• Types of create backlinks

• Posting Community creation (social media)

• A Complete Guide to SEO And SEO Check list

C. Technical SEO

• Canonical Tag • Robot.txt

• Website speed • Broken link

• Speed optimization

• Sitemap.XML Creation

• Find & fix crawl error

•Check the page depth

• Add structure data

07. Content Writing

•What is Content Writing

• Role & Importance of Content Writing

• Fields of Content Writing

• Fundamentals of Content Writing

• How to write a great Blog Post

• How to write powerful Product descriptions • How to write effective FAQs

• How to write professional Email

08. Email Marketing

• Email Marketing

• How to Create Business Email

• What is Email Marketing?

• why Important email marketing?

• Email marketing Software

Such as: Active Campaign, Mailchimp, send in blue, etc.

• How to Extract email

• lead magnet

•Types of emails

• Email Automation

• Create Mail - Template and Email writing • Schedule Mail

•Case study of Email Marketing

09.Video Marketing

• Introduction to Video Marketing

• Reasons Why Video Marketing gained

• Much importance over other platforms?

• Video Marketing Strategies

• YouTube Marketing

• Video SEO

• Social Video

• E-Commerce Video

• Video Marketing Platforms

10. Social Media Marketing Learning to build strategies for brands

Social Media Marketing


- Facebook for business - Page creation

- Content strategy

- Hashtags

- Facebook applications - Paid advertisement

- Remarketing, Analytics


- Hashtag Strategy - Business account

- Paid promotion


- Channel Creation - Video Promotion

- Increase viewrship - Annotations

- Youtube SEO


- Content strategies - Paid Promotion


- What is Pinterest & How to Use Pinterest for Business - How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

- How to Create Optimized Boards on Pinterest

- How to Find Right Group Boards


- understanding twitter for business - Page creation hashtags

- Strategies to add followers - Marketing and tools

- Analytics


- Identify direct indirect question

- Answering strategy

11. Google AdWords Advances

• Understanding AdWords

• Google Ad Types

• Pricing Models

• PPC Cost Formula

• Ad Page Rank

• Billing and Payments

• AdWords User Interface

• Keyword Planning

• Keywords Control

• Creating Display Ads

• Creating Shopping Ads

• Creating Text Ads

• Creating Video Ads

• Creating App Ads

• Bidding Strategy for CPC

• Practical Examples


• Other Measuring Tools

• Bidding Strategy on Location

• Bidding Strategy on Schedule

• Bidding Strategy on Devices

• Conversion Tracking Code

• Designing Image Ads

• Creating Animated Ads

• Examples on Animated Ads

• Creating Video Ads

• Youtube Video Promotion

• Hi-Jack Competitor's Video Audience

12. Google Search Console

• Why everyone with a website should use Google Search Console

• Setting up an account

• Features in Google Search Console • Performance tab

• Index coverage

• URL Inspection

• Enhancement tabs

• Sitemaps • Links

• Mobile usability

13. Bing webmaster

14. Yandex webmaster

15. Google Analytics

• Understanding &Configuring Google Analytics

• Different Features & Matrix of Google Analytics

• Implementing and Optimizing Google Analytics

• Implementing Remarketing Tags

• Understanding and Implementing Goals and Funnels • Monitoring traffic: source, behaviors, actions

• Tracking conversion, Cart Abandonment Rate

• Monitoring Bounce Rate and Exit Rates

16. Google Tag Manager

• Google Tag Manager overview

• How to setup Google Tag Manager (Set Up an Account)

• What are Google Tags?

• Configuration Google Tag Manager with website

• Create a new tag in the Google Tag Manager

• How to Create a Variable in Google Tag Manager

17. Freelancing Course

• What is Freelancing?

• Top platforms for How to get international clients.

• How to get local clients?

• How to use platforms like Fiver to grow your freelance business?

• How to create gigs on Fiverr?

• How to get your first freelancing client or project?

• What's The Best Asset You Can Have as A Freelancer?

• Some Tips to Help You Succeed as a Freelance Professional.

18. Affiliate Marketing

•What is Affiliate Marketing?

• How to Start Affiliate Marketing? •How to be an Amazon Affiliate

•How to choose your Niche Affiliation?

• Strategy for Affiliate Marketing

• Live example with Clickbank affiliate program

19. Internationally recognized certification Get ready to grab 15+ Certifications such as

• Google Ads Certification

• Google Analytics Certification

• HubSpot Certification • YouTube Certification

• Facebook Blueprint Certifications & Many more

20. 50+ Search Engine and Website Submission

21. Real-Time Projects

22. Career Counselling and Interview Preparation

After detailed research and analysis, it is crystal clear that a digital marketing course in Surat can be a great investment for those individuals who are looking to enhance and sharpen their skills and advance their careers. By enrolling in our digital marketing course in Surat, individuals can gain practical experience, learn industry’s best practices, and build a strong network with professionals. With the increasing demand for digital marketing skills in today's business world, a digital marketing course can provide individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in this dynamic and booming field.

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